Enabling Early-stage Startup Discovery

LAUNCHTOAST is a b2b digital product marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to discover effective tools and services at an affordable price.

As a founder or a team focused on hyper growth, it is incredibly important to streamline your business process. A Standard Operating Procedure (S O P) outlines the activities that each team has to perform day-in and day-out. This effectively contributes to the growth of the company.

Many of the tasks, defined in the SOPs can be efficiently automated through industry focused B2B software that diligently executes them. Your team can focus on other important tasks.

Automation can speed up different process and can impact the way your team performs.

But the challenge is that depending on the problem you're facing; it can be easy or hard to find the ideal software that works for you. Also, you're running short of time and can't afford to try out every option available to make the switch.

That's where LAUNCHTOAST comes to your rescue. We curate software from both new, upcoming startups and already established ones. At the best offer prices or extended trials.

We also recognized that the startups would want expert small services like digital marketing on a budget, setting up Google Ads, setting up products ecommerce stores and much more. Hence, we launched LAUNCHTOAST Startup Services that offers small services, or lists the best in business experts who offer these services.

This ensures accelerated growth and enables you to quickly implement your business strategies at an affordable price.

All of the services, vendors and startups listed on the platform are carefully selected based on certain criterias. We'll talk more about our curation process in another post.

Meanwhile, if you have a product / startup / service that you want us to review/list, you can submit your startup / product here.

Note: When I launched LAUNCHTOAST, I wanted to create a platform where founders can discover interesting products, software and services that they can use to grow their business. Over the years, though the platform has evolved, and I had to completely restart from scratch every time. The fundamental idea still remains the same.

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